What is bash+build ?

We're a learn-by-doing, innovation consultancy based on the believe that innovation is in our DNA so we help you to innovate, bash ideas and build working prototypes.  It's about creating ideas in the context of disruption that will be fit to fight in an ever-changing world!

How do I get started?

First, let's not think of it as innovation, but making a change in the way we work and getting a real output.   We all have those projects that we either tried unsuccessfully in the past or those untapped opportunities that get talked about, but don't seem to get started. Let's start with a Lunch and Learn-style workshopand see if we can "bash and build" a few ideas.

Is it just for innovation?

bash+build can be applied to corporate training, insights generation, strategy, new product development or just about anything that requires a new way of working in order to grow the business, or prevent it from being disrupted.

How is bash+build different?

When innovation fails, it is often because there is either too much emphasis placed either on internal process or external creativity. bash+build puts you in charge and helps you to develop a flexible, iterative approach to innovation so that your teams are able to switch modes (bashing vs. building), as needed and develop a lasting capability.  

How does it work?

Sign up individually for an Lunch and Learn-style workshop and work through Believe. Bash. Build. with others to develop your individual innovation skills or work a specific issue you are facing with your own team.   We will work with you to deconstruct the issue, decouple the bigger idea from its previous applications and help you create new connections, new pathways that lead to insightful solutions. 

Who is involved?

Mainly you!  We believe the answer is in the room, however behind the scenes bash+build  works with subject matter experts in psychology, education technology and play theory to create the experiences.

What is the bash+build experience?

Every experience is tailored to the desired outcomes and learning objectives -- be it new skills, behaviours or attitudes. Workshops are based on our Believe. Bash. Build. roadmap.  We can start with a  Lunch and Learn-style workshop  and then extend that to bespoke sessions.

Does this replace our company’s current innovation process?

Believe. Bash. Build. is not just another innovation process but a roadmap for understanding how innovation really works, debunking the myths and fears associated with innovation and providing a path to innovation that empowers you to make it happen in your own way!  It may sound too simple at first, but behind it is plenty of robust thinking and case studies to back it up.  

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