One size does not fit all.  So let's build innovation together!


  • We are always on the lookout for freelance designers, developers or illustrators who may be interested in working directly with the bash+build Innovation Bootcamp participants to help them bring their ideas to life!

  • Got a spare 3-D printer?  Able to whip up a landing page or simulate how an app might solve an innovation challenge?  Maybe building blocks, DIY kits or coding is your thing.  We'd love to talk!


  • We know you get the power of collaboration!  So why not invite a few of your favourite clients and host a bash+build Innovation Bootcamp with them.  Half-day or full-day sessions available.

  • Want to help one of your clients "raise the floor" on innovation?  Let's work together to develop a shared challenge and run a bash+build Innovation Bootcamp with their teams!


  • The founder of bash+build, Cesar Lastra, spent the better part of his life working for global FMCG companies and beautiful brands so he gets that you are time-challenged and needing to move faster than ever!  Just say the word and he'll happy to stop by and talk to your teams or at one of your conferences  about innovation!

  • The bash+build Innovation Bootcamp can be tailored to your company's needs.  Run it within your teams at HQ or abroad.  We have experience running workshops all over the world...except California...yet.

  • Six days too much?  What about a half-day a week for six weeks?  Or two hour sessions over an extended period of time?  Let's work together to find your right-fit, bash+build Innovation Bootcamp.

If you can join us, please do.  Here are just a few ways to collaborate with bash+build.